All applications for scholarship shall be coordinated with the Office of Counseling and Guidance. The Scholarship Committee upon receipt of all pertinent papers will screen applicants through a battery of examinations and interviews. Those who qualify will be notified to report and to receive the contract certificate of scholarship.

a. A pre-elementary/ elementary pupil who graduated as Valedictorian/ Salutatorian from among 100 graduates shall be entitled to 100% / 50% tuition fee discount, respectively. However, if the total number of graduates is less than 100, the pupil/student is required to have an “AA” (Above Average) entrance test result.
b. To qualify for the full and partial scholarship in the next year level, he / she should meet the following requirements:
1) A general average of 92.51% - 95 % and 91% - 92.5% for full and partial scholarship respectively.
2) No grade lower than 83 in all subjects in any grading period.
3) He/She should be of good moral character.

A student who ranked first / second in the previous school year may qualify for a full/partial scholarship on condition that he/she meets the requirement stated in No.1 letter b.

a. The JILCF Faculty members offer scholarship program to poor but deserving pupils / students.
b. This is open to all Elementary pupils/High School students who have a general average of 88% and above.
c. The factors to be considered in the selection of scholars are as follows:
1) Scholastic records
2) Financial status
3) Moral character
4) Health
5) Potentials

The JILCF recognizes students who give worthwhile contribution to their Alma Mater in Sports Development.
a. A Full Scholarship will be granted to students with one–year residency and have participated in Provincial Dual Competition, CLRAA & PALARONG PAMBANSA.
b. A Partial Scholarship will be granted to students who are qualified members of the Varsity Team and who are included in the main line–up of players who will represent the school in the different competitions.

1) A student may avail only one of the aforementioned scholarships.
2) Scholarships only cover tuition fees.
3) Scholarships are non-transferable.
4) A varsity player who is not running for honors should maintain a rating of at least seventy-eight percent (78%) per subject.